Restoration Towers

The property was originally built in 1980 under financing provided by HUD’s 202 direct loan program and is owned by Community Outreach Services Corporation (COSC), a Michigan 501(c)(3) not-for-profit entity.

The unit mix consists of 147 one-bedroom apartment units in an eight-story, high-rise building. All apartments are restricted to elderly residents age 62 or older and/or physically challenged residents. All 147 units are covered under a long-term Section 8 HAP contract which expires on August 20, 2031.

Completed renovations to the property include the following: replacement of HVAC units, elevators (cabs and mechanical systems), windows, flooring and kitchen appliances and countertops. All replacements will be with new, high efficiency products. The bathrooms will be completely remodeled with new bath vanities, cultured marble tops, plumbing fixtures, accessible walk-in showers, low-flow toilets, accessories, and floor coverings. The scope of work also includes exterior renovations as follows: new exterior caulking and tuck pointing of masonry as necessary; roof replacement and balcony rail repair; sidewalk repair/replacements, and asphalt repair, remilling and restriping. All of the common areas throughout the entire building with an emphasis on the first floor will be updated and modernized to provide new equipment and furnishings.

No temporary or permanent displacement of tenants is anticipated during the renovation period. Hospitality units and common areas were available to tenants during the day while their respective units are under construction.

The project will earn recognition for compliance with Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, a nationally recognized green and sustainable third-party program, for making responsible decisions in renovation practices and materials that focus on the use of reducing energy and water while using socially responsible and recycled materials.


Development Type
1 Bedrooms
Number of Units
Type of Housing
Development Cost
Detroit, Michigan
Development Role
Development Consultant and Co-General Partner
Unit Mix
1 Bedrooms
Fusco, Shaffer & Papas, Inc.
G. Fisher Construction Company
Chesapeake Community Advisors, Inc.
Community Outreach Services Corp.
Red Mortgage Capital

What Others Are Saying About Us

We were aspiring to take one of our HUD projects through a LIHTC transaction to receive much needed rehab of a senior building in Detroit.  We weren't equipped to handle the process ourselves and not knowing where to turn, CCA came highly recommended by a colleague.  We haven't looked back since.  David Prout and the CCA team guided us and the nonprofit owners through the full development process.  They took the worries out of our hands and led us down the path.  Their vast knowledge of the LIHTC process; working with he governmental agencies; obtaining LP investors and the smooth construction process during the tenant in place rehabs were over the top.  They are true leaders in the industry.  We have since taken three other projects through the process and another in the pipline.